Friday, May 27, 2011

Sem break. Day 1. :)

Wokay. It's the very first day of a long break and I'm happy to be at home. Home is where you are allowed to act crazy with no questions asked. The only thing that saddens me at this point is the absence of my sister. And the worse part of all is the fact that she would be returning home on the week I step my foot back into IPBA. There goes my late night gossips plan, and my shopping trips. Gosh. I miss her. Honestly. We may not have the perfect sisterly relationship but we love each other and that's all that matters right?
Anyway, I'm honestly very scared that this 3 weeks will pass by so quickly without me even realising it. And I'm also very much terrified that I will lose grip on my inspiration and desire to change for the better.I'm holding on tight though. I just hope that it's good enough. To those who are laughing at my plans of changing, I'll see who has the last laugh later!
One aspect of that big changes is that I should update my blog at least once a day. So, this counts for today's entry. I know it's not much, but its not the quantity that counts. Its the heart. I'm seriously thinking of setting up a few other blogs in which I can express my views as a teacher trainee as well as one that highlights the romantic aspect of me. As for this blog...I started it when I was in a deep mess and it holds so much memory of comforting me and as served as a loyal best friend so i'm not letting it go. I will continue to keep this one personal.
I just hope I have the time to do everything my heart wants. I hope I succeed in this quest of searching for myself.

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