Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Changes are always for the better right?

Honestly, I have so much to say. Like so much. Well, I've always been a tad bit talkative right? Reminds me of the time I was 5 back at my kindergarten, Tadika Ria. The teachers always wrote that I talked too much in class in each and every progress report of mine. I guess that part of me hasn't changed.
Either way, I have come to realise that changes are good. Well, literature exam could have something to do with it I suppose. I was sitting in the examination hall penning down the themes of "Village by the sea" by Anita Desai and then it struck me. (I know I get my inspirations at the weirdest time of the day). Either way, it struck me in that icy cold room that I am afraid of changes. I do not like to switch things up a notch coz I'm very much afraid of the consequences.
Yet, I have learnt to loosen up a little in this past months. It has certainly been a good learning process. And today, I did something I have never ever done in my life and honestly, I had no regrets. I had an amazing post-exam day. I may not know it now but these are the little memories that I would eventually carry to my graves. Memories that made me happy. We don't really remember things people said but we certainly do remember the way they made you feel. I have acquired good friends throughout this first semester here in IPBA and it saddens me to say that it's my last night here as a first-year, first-sem degree student.
When life gives you a million reasons to grieve, you should always find that one reason to hold on and I've learnt that the hard way. So, guess what? I'm not throwing away bits and pieces of me but I'm certainly adding on to the equation of my personality. I remember Dr.Boon's lecture on self-concept in which she briefly explained that a person's personality is something you can't change. If my memory serves me right, she said that it was an innate quality of an individual.
Either way, I do not believe in that. You can certainly change if you set your heart to. My mission in life is to live each day happy. So, if im happy then im good. I do not need to complicate myself with issues and stuffs. I'm hardly a matured adult. I'm only 20! So, its time to let down my hair and have some fun. Time to throw away those glasses and stop hiding behind my books( something my best friend still insist i do). Its time to go blindly into the pouring rain without a destination because I know God loves me and he is there to guide me through this journey we call life. It's finally time I turned my life around. After all, change is always for the better right?

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