Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In full exam mode...so not a good thing!

So this is me here after a few days...still the same old me. In less than 80 hours time i'll be sitting for my gruesome finals which im pretty sure is going to be tough. The fact that i'm a first year degree student is finally settling in. So, how's my preparation you ask? Well, i had never been a big fan of exams.I practically loath exams. Why can't we be tested on practical skills instead of facts that are inevitably something i would forget the moment i walk out of the examination hall. Well, it would take a whole new generation of leaders to revamp the current education system and im pretty sure i'll be dead by the time the policy is signed and the deal is sealed. Well, at least my future granddaughters would be the lucky ones.
By the way, i am extremely sleepy, regretting the fact that i decided to return to ipba today instead of tomorrow, and i really feel like burning my philosophy book. The typical life of a teacher trainee.
I'm saying lots n lots of prayers, asking for the strength to hold on and not give up, asking HIM to show me the way and you know what i know HE will. Somehow it will all work out at the end right? Just have faith Raevarthy and don't stop believing.

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