Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My very first date.

My very first date. I just woke up and feel a little down, partially due to the fact that exams are on its way to do a massive murder on all of us. But still, a girl needs her entertainment right? So, it struck me. My very first date. How would I like it to be like. Nothing short of romance, that's for sure. I'm just too romantic when it comes to these stuffs. Wokay, lets see..
1) I must really like the person I am going on a date with
2) He must wear a sort of formal mixed with casual...just look like he made an effort and I'll be happy.
3) Take me somewhere that is not noisy. Dates should be intimate( goes to every girls out there)
4) Give me flowers and tell me I look beautiful.
5) Allows me to place my own order but helps out.
6) Holds the door for me.
7) When we reach an argument in a topic, lets say when we unknowingly start debating on something, he should let me win. (but don't give up, just pretend like you are out of points)
8) Pay the bill! Dear guys out there, a true gentleman always pays on the first date!
9) Don't pick up or reply any messages during the entire period of the date.
10) Don't immediately go back after the date. Just take a little walk with me( I love to take a stroll after eating).

Wokay done! Thats it for now I suppose. Above all, just be a gentleman. Awww...there you go. How my very first date should be like. Of course reality is way different from fantasy...but a girl is allowed to dream right?


  1. hey dear..=) woaaa..finally, an update!..guess what? my mom used to say.."when you can dream, means you can achieve!" (^_____^)

  2. JAY! im keeping my fingers crossed! lets see if it really happens!