Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More confusion.

in a confused state over here. Wishing for something to happen is different from really wanting it to happen right? Or is it? Wokay. Let me tell you how all this confusion started. My awesome roommate n me speak of everything under the world and we come up with stupid analogies, which are not really stupid coz its fun. Anyway, we came up with a "baby theory" n "my isshanth" (ask me personally what it is and i'll say..its too embarrassing to state it here). And then it struck me. All that we do on a daily basis. Do we really do them because we want to or because its really the right thing to do? I mean, i sit here wishing all day long for a life with "my someone" n that doesn't mean it will happen right? Do i really want what im wishing for? Or is it just my mind and heart playing tricks? I really don't get it. Seriously confused. And oh yeah peeps, my exam is tomorrow so i should really get off fb and blogger. Anyway, wish me luck ya!

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