Tuesday, August 24, 2010

-Life and me-

I have no idea why am I here trying so hard to pour out the contents of my heart when I should seriously be sleeping. But, you don't feel the same all the time right? So, before I lose this thoughts and vibes, I think I better pen them down. Well, lets see...What has happened this few days? Oh ya..I got stuck for hours out of my dorm room when it magically locked itself and I now have a broken door, I am missing my juniors that are at Putrajaya, I have fasted each day without fail( well...literally), I attended a beautiful engagement( well, aren't all vows of love beautiful?..thats the romantic person in me speaking..), I set for a short LDS test that killed me( literally again..), and etc etc etc...
So, whats my point? Simple, life is so messy but it is beautiful too. We often don't look at how much we have until we lose parts of it, I should know. I may hate some days of my life but as a whole I dare say I have a pretty rocking life. I am sure you do too. It's just that we don't appreciate it do we? I mean..we curse and blame people for our sorrows yet we fail to notice that they are people out there with way bigger problems than us. So, all I'm saying is, don't give up on life. It's just too beautiful. Embrace those around you because they need you. Give them a warm hug or just flash them a smile. It goes a long way. Would you not like to have a hug and a smile from all your friends or family members each day? I know I would.
Just remember, you may not have a perfect life, but life by itself is pretty darn amazing. Live with that thought and you would survive. Besides, did God not put us in this wold for a reason? Just hold on and don't give up! Life is full of twists and loopholes, and you never know when you may fall or rise. So, I say, why not close your eyes and go with the flow? The destination does not matter but the journey does! Happy living a happy life!

Ps: It is pretty amazing what a mug of coffee can do to me.

Feeling all inspired,

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