Friday, August 6, 2010

-Just for you-

This week was all about being extremely pissed off with certain people. You know, i really don't know when i will have a life free of all this! I am just so disappointed. How could you speak behind my back and think I would not get any access to such rumors being spread around about me? We were once close. I do not deny that fact. But, place a hand on your heart and tell me. Was there ever any honesty between us? I am a big girl and no, no one is influencing me. I do know that I am classified as just someone you need at certain occasions, not a friend. I loved you. And i really thought this friendship would last. I am not perfect but I have feelings too. There is just so much a person can take. Have a good life though..coz i can't find the heart to wish you any harm.

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