Wednesday, August 25, 2010

-Fit for a prince-

I want to dance in the rain with your hands gently over mine, pulling me close.
I want to feel your embrace as the rain drops wash away my fears.
I want to be able to close my eyes with the security that you would always be there for me.
I want a tear drop to fall unknowingly as you part ways with me.
I want to smile for no reason when a thought of you pops into my head.
I want you to say you love me and mean it.
I want to have long conversations on the phone with you discussing nothing in particular.
I want your voice to be the first and the last I hear everyday.
I want that painstaking silence that echoes around us whenever we fight.
I want to get on your nerves and I want you to get on mine.
I want to cook for you and watch you eat with approval.
I want to take long walks on the beach with your arms over my shoulder.
I want to receive flowers as a sign of apology
I want to leave you love notes all over the house
I want to share my world, soul, blood, heart and body with you
But, before I do all that,
I simply want you to exist.

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