Monday, August 30, 2010

Bound with anger! The truth as it should be!

I seriously don't understand how some people can be so damn ignorant of others. Not only that, I have just come to realise that the inhabitants of this earth are bloody well actors as well. There are no one out there with a crystal clear heart and I'm not expecting people to have one either coz I don't. However, all I am preaching here is mutual respect. You respect me and I respect you. Now, does that not sound simple? Then, why am I so angry you ask? I'll tell you.
I started the day fairly well. I mean I dont really have extremely good days, nonetheless, I woke up early for a Monday and was buzzed with energy and excitement. I mean its Independence Day tomorrow! I don't know about you, but I just love the 31st of August! Anyway, it is not all sugary sweet as I finally found out.
(I have chosen to eliminate some details as people do read my blog and I do not want to create more complications)
Anyway, let me just tell you this. Working in a team is always tough. It does not matter whether it is for assignments or tasks in class. I have had it with you. You always pretend like you are pulling the weight around when in reality all of us know you are not. You never do much and we never complain. So, why the sudden show of anger? N btw, has anyone told you, it is never fair to judge someone if you do not know them? Honestly, come on..tell me what did I do? Why the cold shoulder? Not that I care of, but it is not fair! I don't mind you hating me, but I'd love to know the reason why. But, you are you and I am me. You are far from perfect and so am I. I have only one thing to say to you: Grow up!

Now lets move on. I think all of us can relate to this part. A different "you", pls keep that in mind.
I buzz you with a hello so that you can reply me and yes, it hurts when you don't. I know all of us have assignments and all, we r students but still, the least you can do is get back to me. Let me tell you this, I never buzz first unless I really care about that person. And I genuinely care about you. A simple hello wont hurt! Why are you so bloody ignorant??? How do I hate you if I love you so much? (ironical statement with much truth to it)

The third person( Another different "you")
I treated you with respect because you are older than me. But, what the hell man! You are smouldering me! And thats not a place I like to be in. Im not yours! So, let me go! You helped me yes, I needed you yes! But, i dont even know you!! Get that right first! I am very much thankful that you were there for me, but I have nothing more to offer than a sincere friendship and heartfelt gratitude. We cant be bffs or anything more than that, god forbid. I did not get back to you. So, pls try to understand. I am not drifting away, I just now know where I stand. I am sorry for that.

P.S: I do not wish to hurt anyone. But, there are times that you need to lay out the truth no matter how tough it might seem to be. I just did. From the bottom of my heart, sorry if I hit the wrong note! After all, I am human too.


  1. hmmmm....u r much more scary in this writing...haha...chill a little raeva..humans always like that...we r not perfect give and take...but do not let urself being bullied by others...that is my principles...sometimes we can be nice,but sometimes we are not...just chill...

  2. kuwe: trying to chill..but u noe how it is..sometimes, u just have to say it out right? thats wat i did.I got too tensed ady thats y..