Thursday, June 10, 2010

-PMS: Pre or Post?-

PMS. Yes, the big word. PMS. Every girl's nightmare and even worse for the guys. You know. It's that time of the month. When everything and everyone appears to be too cruel and the sensitivity wouldn't want to push that. I love being a girl but I hate the every month dreadful phase of my menstrual cycle. (WARNING: If this appears to be of too much info, please leave now)
PMS stands for pre menstrual syndrome which includes nausea, headache, too much anger and too much tears, well, it is like that for me. But, there's a catch. I feel perfectly alright throughout my menstrual cycle period and in fact I don't have a single pre menstrual syndrome. But, you know when it starts? All the yelling and crying done on my part starts after its over. Hence, I drew a conclusion that I have post menstrual syndromes. Not Pre but Post. Guess that makes me special huh?
Well, whatever it is, post or pre, it still sucks. I hate feeling the way I do when it happens, but at least I can blame my mood swings on PMS! That's why its nice being a girl, well that, and a million other reasons, which I will get to writing soon.
Anyway, a girl is special. Treat her right and she will make you her world. You have got to accept her at her worst, with or without PMS. And trust me, without is way better than with.

PS: Guys have PMS too! Anyone dare correct me on that?

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