Sunday, June 20, 2010

-I'm daddy's little girl-

A father is the pillar of strength of a family. He works hard, day and night for you, his prince and princess. I know this may sound cliche, but hey, without a father, you wouldn't be here today. There are only two types of people in this world. The first, someone who knows its better to be queit than to voice out. And then there's people like me. The rebellious, know-it-all, i-can-conquer-the-world, never-giving-up-for-what-she-believes-in type of people.
Let me tell you something. Any parent would never dream of having a daughter like me. At least, thats what i think. Yes, I'm anyones nightmare. But, you know what, I'm proud to be me. There is no another daughter like me out there and I know that regardless of what the society percieves me of, my dad loves me. Im rebellious, I do shout, n yes I never give up. But hey, that sounds a lot like someone I know..yes, my dad. I'm a carbon copy of least where attitude is concerned. So, this father's day, daddy's little girl, a.k.a me, would like to wish the first guy in her life, a happy father's day. I love you pappa and will do so always.

PS: Me: Pa, I wanna pair of heels.
The old him : You have enough already!
The new him: I'll buy for you tomorrow. I'll buy for you whatever you want.

I'm blessed to have a dad like him. I promise you pa, i'll always make you proud of me. You may have changed following the incident but you are still my life coach and best friend. I love you.

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