Thursday, June 3, 2010

-From Jan to June: Life in Sem 2-

I am compelled to write this out. I waited till my last night at IPBA to pen down my thoughts of Sem 2 in the mere hope that I'd be able to say what I really thought of Sem 2.

Lets start with January,
I walked into IPBA once more with my parents and my sis(who was back for the hols) with a new fire burning in myself. The new year just started and everything was well. I had this determination in myself to survive independently. To not depend on anyone but myself. To not get close with friends. First day of class, I remember thinking how much my life would change in the coming months. I never expected it to alter so much.

I was so happy that it was the month of my birthday and I was thrilled at the thought that I'd be celebrating my birthday at home. Of course, 18 Feb came and brought along with it an incident that I'd never forget for the rest of my life. From a carefree teen, to a matured young adult. Throughout this hard time, I learned who my true friends were and I also learned who to depend on and who not to. I saw the different face of lecturers and yes, it was a learning process that was beyond my wildest dreams.

When I think of March, I can only remember the process of sitting for the mock exam and its after effects. I remember thinking I hated myself for not studying despite the fact that I couldnt. It was my first week back to IPBA and i was slowly regaining my lost self. It was also the week of mock exam. I will never forget my outburst in my LS class when the lecturer asked us to reflect back on our mock exam papers. Nevertheless, I don't know how and I still don't understand why I received the results I did. Perhaps, it was GOD's way to make it up to me. I don't know and I will never I guess.

I met so many new friends during Language Camp. But, the thing that I remember the most is me speaking in public. We had a public speaking competition held for Language Week in which I was placed third. Oh my god, my nerves almost killed me! I was terrified n yes, I had fellow contestants calming me down. I owe Daniel so much for his wise words. Thank you Daniel. It was also the month that I reconnected back with my bff, Azham. I cried after so long and he made the pain a bit lesser, I would say. I am not going to thank him because he is not an outsider, he is family to me.

Oh what do I say here. May was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride! I directed Act 2 of the Macbeth play n boy, wasn't that tough. I would forever remember my cast and crew. I leaned on them and they leaned on me, and yes, we did survive. I got to know each and every one of them from FP1.5 and FP 1.6 at a larger scale. An experience of a lifetime!
And yes, it was our Kenaboi trip! My first time in a river. I felt like a fish out of water!

June= Hols!
Yeay! Its time to be a full time mum,daughter and of course, a princess!

Well, Sem 2 was all about surviving. It pushed me to the limits but hey, guess what, I survived! I had so many first' during this sem that I will tell you about soon! *Hugs and Kisses*

With much love,
Princess Raevarthy

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