Monday, May 10, 2010

more of me( a pretty long post!)

Today proved to be another challenge for me....Personally, I have had some issues that i had to deal with concerning our play and now i can only wonder whether our efforts would be worth it.. I have calmed down a lot backstage(which is a good sign i suppose).. previously, i had nervous breakdowns(maybe i am nervous in behalf of the rest because they always seem to be much more relaxed)..
Let me break it down for you..This is what happened...
Right after our previous rehearsal, a good friend of mine summoned me up and started commenting(mind you, really bad comments) about our act... I admit it took me by surprise..even to the extent that i did not have enough time to defend my act(sorry fellow actors)..I was already having a pretty bad day, hence, it made things worse...I was in the verge of tears, but i did not cry(hooray to me!)..anyway, i always believe that things happen for a reason..hence, i m fully over those comments passed down..he has learned his lesson, im sure..

Anyway, let me move on to the next event(a major one indeed)..Masquerade night!
Well, i love dressing up! So, i have been looking around for a dress that would transform me into a princess on that night and yes i did find one...well, my cousin sis borrowed me hers in which i have been tip toeing around the house(of course with ruby and dino right behind me)..well, i was elated! happy, excited!! every single emotion related to joy! yes, it felt good to look into the mirror and see a princess smiling back! Yet, my joy was short lived because my tailor told me that it is impossible to repair the damage on the dress(yes, it was sorta torn when she gave me..but i thought i could piece them back together)...hence, the dress has been returned ever since to its rightful owner, with much regret i must say...but, i have a black that i never thought i would wear..i bought it exclusively for my birthday that went uncelebrated(you know y....) but i guess, it is simple then for princess but just a normal girl(but, i still insist that i m a princess at heart)..anyway, i conclude here that i still am thinking on whether i should attend this so-hyped about event,.....lets see how my mood is on that day...

Moving on, let me just say this, i have a crush!! yes..he is real n yes he is drop dead gorgeous!! Lee, i love you! For those of you living under a cave, Lee is a contestant on American Idol. He can sing(really well) n he is cute!! double cute!! triple cute!! well, he is cute! I hadn't been watching American Idol for a long time(yes im living under a cave called ipba), it came by a surprise when i watched the recap last saturday night..there are only 4 contestants left n i hope Lee wins... Lee, hon, u r cute!!(as though he is going to read this!)..i dun care..U R CUTE!!

With much rambling, i hope you had fun reading this...n i leave you with one last word..I have a crush on a guy that doesn't know i exist! Honestly Raevarthy, you need to get a life!

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