Monday, May 17, 2010

-Of dresses n shoes-

Yeay! Masquerade night is on! I was quite depressed to know that they have decided(or more towards forced) to change its name. I am not quite sure what they have in mind but i am sure it will be a good one(fingers crossed).
Anyway, let me talk or write..either way, i love to talk! so hear me out ya..
Last Sunday, my mom and I went shopping(with full me-like happy intonation)! We went to Klang Parade in a hope to find a mask for the now-changed Masquerade night. I couldn't find any but i did stumble upon a dress! Another hooray! Yes, I bought it! (you know me)
So, currently i m in deep thought..which one should i wear...which look should i go for..Should i wear my short simple black dress or my long a lil bit pink+ black dress? *still thinking* both are new..well, i haven't, pick one out for me ya..which look would u prefer me to be in? i kinda like the short one coz i can show off my shoes but then again i dont want to violate dress codes at ipba(u noe wat i mean)..anyhow, i m excited!! *3 days to go*

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