Thursday, May 13, 2010


yeay! i am tagged for the very first time in my blogging world! thx for the tag bff!!

so, here we go...

(a) Write 23 random facts about yourself!

(b) Tag this to at least five person.

(C) Follow the rules because this is where the fun begins.

1)My family consist of daddy, mummy, a sister who is older by just a year, and my two children, Ruby and Dino!
2) I am a mum at 19!!
3) I am a very sensitive person..or used to be..either way, i m quite sensitive..tears flow very easily for sis says that i have a "water tap" in me that i can switch on at any time that i like!
4) It may sound ridiculous, but I have this deep believe that my prince charming exist out
there n he will sweep me of my feet n make me a princess(yes, i believe in fairy tales)
5) I like being busy! I love the adrenaline rush that i feel when i know i have tons of work to
do!( a bit weird, yes i know)
6) I never knew specifically what i wanted to do with my life...i decided to let God decide for i am today, a teacher trainee..
7) I used to dislike kids so much! but after the school visit programme during language camp, i have grown to love kids!'
8) I like being in control and hate to be controlled!
9) I go crazy when i see shoe shops!
10) I always put my heart over mind..which can be troublesome at times..
11) I use the phrase "sayang" n "my dear" very often..
12) I care deeply about issues such as feminine rights, and animal rights!
13) I make friends very easily..i can warm up to people in a matter of seconds!
14) I like being the peace maker!
15) I think that i am far too matured for my age but i tend to hide it!
16) I have never been in a relationship before and im very proud of it!
17) The status quo is never good enough for me!
18) I am very determined when i get involved with a project! all i think of is winning winning n winning!
19) I have this desire to adopt a child when i have enough money in the future( probably even before getting knows)
20) I have nervous breakdowns very often! breathe raevarthy..breathe...
21) i am egoistic but i believe everyone shud have a certain amount of ego in them!
22) I am a very romantic person! i love romantic novels, movies, songs...
23) last but not least, i am a family oriented person! family always comes first for me!

b) since i have not much people following my blog..i have decided not to tag anyone..sorry ye...

*hugs and kisses*
signing off,
princess raevarthy


  1. hehehe...this is very cute Raeva...

  2. really??which number resembles me the best?