Thursday, May 13, 2010

-Macbeth n me : The Finale-

It has all come to an end. No more practices at 9 p.m and no more "members of the floor pls keep quiet" chants..No more "i need more emotions" and no more " i sayang u guys so make me proud ye!" mantras.
Right from the above title, u would know that i do miss them so much. Macbeth has officially marked my entry into the world of direction and yes I can't wait to do it again. Everything comes to an end, eventually. Shall i say that saying this goodbye does hurt somewhere deep in my heart? It wouldn't be a lie of i did so. While the rest are relieved that it is over, I kinda wish i had the chance of doing it all over again. I will definitely miss being sorta like a mum to this bunch of people.
Yet, I am definitely happy to say that it all worked out. Everything fell into it's place right on time. We managed to pull this through and I am most certainly proud of them, all my act 2 cast and crew. Hence, i dedicate this post to the 38 sayangs that i have in both FP 2.5 n Fp 2.6.

From the bottom of my heart, i thank u guys for being there for me...I leaned on you all n u guys definitely held me through it all..We had so many problems and there was so many times in which i was on the verge of tears..But, looking at your passion in Macbeth, i found my inner strength to hold on. I know this sounds very emotional but that is just who i am. I am very sorry if i had done or said anything that hurt any one of you. Honestly, i will miss being the "princess" director.
Lets all remember the good and put the bad behind us. After all, it is not the destination that matters but the journey. I am sorry and I love you guys so much!

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  1. Heheheh! I like that part, The Princess Director! huhuhu