Sunday, May 16, 2010


alright..i m feeling very down n the worst part of it is that i don't know why!
even my player keeps on playing me sad love songs..oh...c'mon im single k! n i have been single for like forever! but, u r only a i guess you wouldn't know..sigh
but hey, talking about love...(suddenly all bright eyed)
have you ever listened to a song and immediately clicked with it? I do all the time...which is sorta weird i guess..
i have a good friend, posh(novia hana) n we r like twins! seriously...emotionally i mean..especially where love is concerned...we fall madly head over heels for an artist n yes, we crush a lot..we have never been in a relationship before n are proud of it! n yes we both believe in prince charming's!

but, moving on..let me tell u guys something..
i am a mum n being a mum is tough! but nothing beats the feeling of getting a wakeup kiss from dino and certainly nothing beats the feel of hugging ruby right before bed..hence, i m asking what is it that a guy can give me that they cant? how does it feel to be in love if i m already loved so much at home? why is it that everyone is rushing to get in a relationship?
my advice for single people out there:
yes..everyone dreams of a perfect relationship..n yes it does exist..somewhere out there in the universe, your other half does exist..but there is no point getting in and out of relationships just to find "the one" will eventually bring u to that person..all u have to do is yourself n above all, trust GOD...happy trusting!

He holds me when I start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes. He shares my hopes, dreams, fears and wipes away all my tears. I love him without regret, I just haven't found him yet...


  1. Raeva: your time will come. Keep on praying, n why don't you Google him to see where is he now? hehehe

  2. its really true sweety..we just have to wait for the right moment and the right prince charming..rite?? heheh

  3. azham: i noe my time will come...hon, ive tried googling..still cant find him!

    gwen: true gwen..right moment..n right prince charming..n bam! magic of love!