Sunday, May 26, 2013

Because life is a beautiful melody in which the lyrics are messed up.

If only we all could wake up to a life of perfection and if only things never changes as the day passes, would we all be happier then? I am asking this question today because we all walk different routes in life. Some of us walk in rockier roads then the rest. The roads that some of us take are often filled with too many mountains that we are forced to climb, too many stormy seas that we are forced to sail through and too many  clouded skies that we search for ways to wade through. People say that you should never give up. If you are going through hell, then keep going because somehow even hell has an end that you will reach and finally find way to ultimate peace and freedom. That's a concept that we are familiar with. But here's what people don't tell you. Here is what no one ever speaks about.
How difficult it is to keep going. How difficult it is for our minds and hearts to tell our body not to give up. To find the strength to climb mountains, sail through stormy seas and wade through clouded skies is not easy. People tell you the concept but no one tells you that finding emotional strength to win physical battles is the toughest form of reality. That is something that only people who walk through rocky roads know. How does one remain sane in a road that pierces through every layer of skin that u have causing a pain that no words can describe? Is this what is said as bleeding on the inside? You don't see it but you feel it. With every step and every move that you make, the wound deepens. 
This is not a sad post. This is not a sign that I am a depressed person. And this is definitely not me saying that I can't handle the world. This is a virtual hug to those who walk through rocky roads, to those whose emotional pain can't match to any cure the world has to offer and this is me saying that I understand. Somehow we are all the same. Taking baby steps in a road that is beyond anything we have all prepared ourselves for. And just like that, the road is long. 

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