Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life, Memories, Death, Love.

Life, memories, death, love. 4 words that I find myself entwined with. There is no such thing as people living forever and hence death is a term that we all will deal with, some now, some then and some in the near future. I am compelled to believe that in each and every one of our lives there is someone that death took away from us. Someone that our heart looks for even as our minds struggle with the thoughts of them not being here anymore. That's when memories hit us. Memories of good times, memories of laughter, and just everyday memories that back then did not matter as much as it does now. So where does life and love stand then? 
Life and love are holding hands mocking me right here on my face. Laughing at my inability to move away from memories and embrace life. Love on the other hand is looking at me with such sinister stare reminding me that I used to call myself, "Miss Love". Oh how much has changed!  
Those 4 words: Life, Memories, Death and Love. They all do nothing to me when looked at collectively. But break it down, take a word at a time and my knees wobble lightly, my lips quiver and my eyes give way. Despite knowing that everyone out there suffers their own battles, I can't break away from believing that maybe just maybe I don't deserve this. Maybe, just maybe, behind every word that I have listed, I deserve a little more than what it has offered me so far. 
Each word has a path of its own. Each word tears me down. And each word stabs at my soul. The funny part is that with each word, I feel a sense of pride. Maybe I don't deserve this. But I deserve the lessons I have learnt with each path that I took. 

PS: You mix a cup of comfort green tea with some old melodious songs, and this is what you get. 

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