Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What if one is better than two?

Marriage makes it possible for you to annoy one person for the rest of your life.
I read that earlier. And when you are 22, you are spose to be thinking of marriage. Okay, scratch that. I am thinking of marriage as I am 22. It's actually really depressing when people around you are getting married at an age in which you look to your left/right and there is no one there. I mean, I know I am a  girl who would never depend on a man for security nor happiness. But the thing is, I can't quite put my thoughts into why is it that marriage is seen as a necessity. I know that sounds weird coming from Miss Love herself. But ya.
Remember how I spoke about change in my last post? I told you that I can't see in which way I have matured. I think I see it now. Not in a broad view though but just where this subject of "marriage" is concerned. I used to say that I don't believe in arranged marriages and that every one of us should fall in love before tying the knot. The concept is simple. When you walk down the aisle on the day of your wedding, you must be able to look up and see that man waiting for you there with so much love that somehow your heart must whisper that this is who you have been waiting for. So, why settle for anything less than that? I wonder. So ya, I still preach on love marriages. The aspect of change comes in terms of wanting a marriage. I don't wanna get married just because I should get married. I don't really care anymore. If I find someone (or someone finds me) and that someone is "my" someone, then fine. Marriage is in the list. But, so what if I never find anyone? So what if the "my" someone doesn't exist. I'd still be happy. I would adopt about 10 dogs off the streets, a dozen children from various countries, write a book on how they have changed my life, and truly be happy. In fact, to think about it, I think I might be happier this way.
A friend told me that the only reason I am saying this is because I am still considered very young and I have the rest of my life ahead of me. True. I don't deny that. But really think about it. Marriage is not a necessity. And besides, how sure are you that the person you marry, the life you build under the name of love really lasts? How sure are you? So maybe just maybe, one is better than two? Worth thinking.

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