Sunday, May 19, 2013

And then I saw the number "8000". :)

Here's to the first 8000. Officially reached 8000 views today. Doesn't really matter that I only have 34 followers. What matters to me is this drive, passion and urge that I feel in my heart to chase that dream of becoming a writer. What that I would write though is still a mystery even to me. I would love owning a column in a magazine or newspaper in which  I talk about the reality, fantasy and practicality of love, relationships, struggles of being a women with attitude, bla bla. If you know me, you know the dream. Another part of me is still flooding that one folder on my desktop with short stories based on themes that matter to me, mostly death, womenhood, and love. I know I have come far. I know that when I first started this blog it was more of a personal diary and now people come up to me, buzz me occasionally telling me how they read one post or another and felt this deep connection to the words. That never fails to put a smile on my face. It just reminds me of how similar we all are, we fight the same masked demons, we battle life, some in our own ways. And then there are a few others who ridicule me, who mock me for what I am doing. Letting the world see a part of me. For having this big dream in me. But then again, I have always been the kinda girl that loves to prove people wrong. I know that its a long journey. I am not going to wake up tomorrow with a book deal or a contract in front of me. It will take time. More days, more years. I am just focusing on keeping this passion alive for now.
That being said, I want to thank each and every one of you who has ever read any one of my post. To those of you who look forward to what I write and to the minority of you who drop comments, I owe you people so much. So, let's toast to the first 8000. :)

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