Sunday, December 23, 2012

How about falling for a total stranger?

"Across the years, I shall hold your heart and when our time on Earth is through, in Heaven too I shall be yours. "
I absolutely love that particular phrase so much that it has been in my head for the last 6 years, ever since I read it in a novel. Funny how it means so much to me despite not having a particular someone to dedicate that to.
Being single in a world that shakes its head at you for not having someone by your side is pretty...let me say...damn good! Ironical? Allow me to explain. I am the kinda girl that does what her heart desires, never once allowing anyone to be the reason of my actions or decisions. I believe in love so much, trust me on that. So it is only fair that I wait patiently for that prince charming of mine. It might take years, but wait I shall.
I met up with my best friend recently and we spoke about the future. We are both single by the way and we both have never been in a relationship and we both share the same fears on this matter. The difference would be that she, well, has her feet firmly attached to the ground while I, you know me. I am still with the whole fairytale thingy.
Anyway, she told me that she wants to meet someone new, some stranger, someone she has never seen in her life, wants him to change her perception, her views and then she wants to fall madly in love with him. I couldn't help but smile at what she said. I have never thought of falling for someone that way. I always assumed that things would happen the way it always does. You know, knowing someone for a while then you start feeling tiny little butterflies floating in your tummy and suddenly, boom, just like that, you realise that you are looking at him/her in a whole new angle. The conventional way of falling in love sounds pretty ok right?
But then again, imagine getting to know a stranger, imagine letting him/her slowly into your lives. Sounds pretty interesting, doesn't it? We all make friends this way but how about falling in love this way? Knowing that you want something more than just friendship with a total stranger and knowing that you want that in the future and not now, is kinda exciting. I am not saying that I want this, I am just saying that it is an idea that is well, not bad, not bad at all.
I can see myself slowly letting someone know about me. Like sitting across someone and telling them, "Hey, you know what, I am an animal lover and a committed vegetarian for life. I won't judge someone who eats meat but I will never change myself for anyone". Or how about hearing him say, "That's nice. I am a person who doesn't believe in having an online social life and I don't have a Facebook account".
Ooooookay, sorry peeps, I know I am getting carried away with this whole concept. But honestly, it is a good concept!
Anyway, I am far from experiencing any of that at this point of my life and I am extremely happy with that. Let's just have things happen the way it is supposed to shall we. Who knows, that prince charming of mine might be reading this at this very moment with a tiny smile on his lips. *dreamyeyes*

Signing of with a hot mug of coffee at hand, Love you people! 

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  1. so is dis de reason why u didn't utter a word whn i was talkin bout it