Sunday, December 30, 2012

What makes you a man?

I woke up to the sad news of the Delhi victim's death yesterday. I remember feeling this emptiness in my heart and soul. I did not know that girl. She was not my sister, friend nor were we tied by any relation, blood or not. But we had one similarity. We are both females living in a world that never failed to put down the fairer sex. Once again, as always, I am stressing the fact that I am not a sexist. I am merely a girl trying to raise a voice for her own gender.
My hands are numb typing this out, and so is my heart and soul. Where is the value of a woman? I just don't understand how anyone would have the heart to do what they did to that girl. She has been given names such as Daarmini and Nirbhaya. No one knows her true identity, something which should be remained that way. This girl is the voice of thousands of us, females. She will remain a pillar of strength for the many of us and her death will have an arc of its own in our souls forever.
But here is something that I don't understand. Why do men choose to rape? Please highlight the word "choose" here. I am saying that it is a choice that men make. To rob a girl of her virginity or to force her into sex does not make you a man. Here is what that does make you a man. Can you touch a girl no where but her heart? If you can, pet yourself on your back. Because honestly, that makes you a man.

Signing off though I have so much to say.

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