Monday, December 31, 2012

Oooooo, So it is already 2013?

*drum rolls*
And here it is, the last day of the year 2012. To be honest, a part of me always thought that somehow I won't be alive till this day. I don't know why, but I did. And I don't know why, but I am still alive. I am very grateful to be able to still breathe, to be able to still cuddle with Ruby and Dino, to be able to cook with mum or argue with dad. I am still alive and I am thankful for that.
Errr, okay, that was emo enough for an intro.
It is the last day of the year and as always, I am compelled to reflect on how the year went. 2011 was a roller coaster year for me. I had my ups and downs but 2012 was a year that just went downhill, in so many aspects. I have been through more in this last 365 odd days then I have ever had in my life. The trials and tribulations that I have faced is one that would remain etched in my heart forever. I have just learnt so much in this one year that words will never be able to express how I feel ending the year.
But hey, a new year equals to a new beginning right? So here is to leaving everything behind and putting a step forward. I have had a long list of resolutions compiled but right before we go there, let's just see how 2012 went, shall we?
My biggest dream for 2012 is to get myself published. I did not manage to do it in the scale I wanted to but an article that I wrote did get published in my college magazine. I am fueled with so much passion to continue that dream to own a column of my own in a newspaper. I know it will happen, I just hope it happens soon.
In 2012, I promised to take care of myself real well and I am happy to say that I did. I fell in love with myself many times this year. I know I know. Pretty self praising but hey, I do love myself very much!
Well, I have no idea how 2013 would go but I am keeping my hopes up. I know it will be an awesome year if I just let it to. Here is to meeting new people, to learning new lessons, to being a better version of me. Here is to a new year. Happy New Year people!

Signing off with a smile, Love you people!

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