Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Celebrating Deepavali in a white cage.

Imagine this cage. A little white cage with a door that is locked and in it, you. Look at life from that point of view. How would it make you feel? That's the one answer I always had for those that told me that life was tough. I always argued that we made life look tough, it really isn't. Apparently even Mr Life himself got a little bit upset with me for that statement coz well, life for me now is...erm...let's just say, not a bed of roses.
It is the 6th of November today so yes, memories are flooding in. I won't say more than that because it is not my place to.
Apart from that, well, I have nothing much to look forward to. I know that it is the season of Deepavali and everyone has caught the holiday bug. I woke up today to see my housemates packing. Boxes were everywhere, books were being thrown in along with the entire memories of the sem. Had a little moment there trying to make sense of what I had done for the last 6 months or so. I remember early January this year and now it is already November. Time flies? How about time is actually in a speed jet, not stopping for anything in it's way? 
Anyway, so ya, nothing to look forward to. Deepavali will come and go, we will all go online, posting statuses about Deepavali, we will take out our phones and text our loved ones, creating the best possible Deepavali wish, we will eat like we have never seen food before, we will hear crackers being burst late at night, and then just as it came, the spirit of Deepavali will die down too and we will resume to our regular lives.
I am not celebrating Deepavali this year so it is not much of a celebration to me. It never really was so it does not make much of a difference. I was never the kinda girl who loved to to climb a gazzilion shops, bargaining for the best outfits or the one to sit in the kitchen and bake those cookies that somehow will go to waste at the end. I was just the girl who took out clothes I bought but never wore and called that my Deepavali outfit. I baked but just for the fun of it, just coz I love baking. We don't have much relatives that will be flocking the house too, so I never really bothered.
But last year was different. I had fun going out to shop with my friends, buying back things for mum and dad and I actually cooked some lovely dishes on the day of Deepavali. The three of us, minus my sister who was at Indonesia at that time, sat by ourselves and ate. It was quiet but lovely. 
This year, well, like I said, life is currently not a bed of roses and hence, I will not be doing any of that. I will light up my home though. Always loved putting up lamps all over the house. And maybe just maybe this year I will look up at the skies and see a shooting star. Maybe I will wish upon that shooting star and then poof, just like that, I won't find myself sitting in a white cage any longer. Irony? You have no idea!
Anyway, to those celebrating, Happy Deepavali and to the rest, Happy Holidays! Stay as fabulous as ever! :)

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