Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*Sulks and Pouts*

Yes, I am pouting. I don't like to pout but I am. I think pouting makes me look really witchy and mean, but yet I am doing it. You see, there is this thing about me. I don't like to chase after people who don't chase after me. Call it ego, but I say its, self worth. If someone does not remember you, or pretend not to, will you be the one that bugs them, and reminds them of your existence?
Well, I learnt the very hard way that if someone wants to keep in touch with you, or wants to talk to you, or even, still wants you in their life, they will make an effort to stay, to be with you, to support you in the way you want them to or in the way they can.
See, it is a fair concept here. Why would you want to spend your time, energy and thoughts on a person who does not even do anything to appreciate that? Because you care? Oh please don't give me that answer. Even I know that when you care, you will get hurt.
Hence, I care. It bothers me. It makes me upset that those I care for does not care for me in return. So...what do i do? Remind them that I exist? Slowly sway myself back into their lives? Neh. I shall just sulk and pout for now. At least that takes my mind of things. And when I am done with the sour face and all, I shall decide what to do.
After all, human beings are busy creatures right? That sums up why I like animals better and why I believe in a magical land such as fairytopia.

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