Friday, March 23, 2012

Not myself!

I have been in a moody, not myself position since yesterday and I find myself getting so irritated with everything and everybody. Although no saint, I know that my patience level is quite high. So, it has been bugging me that I am as such. I know that every one goes through such periods in their life where just about everything gets on their nerves but ya, I just don't like myself very much right now. So, I was sitting, moping around and it occurred to me that I never found the time to pen down all that make me who I am. Trust me, I love myself. So maybe, I should remind myself how special I am in order for me not to dislike myself to such an extent in which I am refusing to leave the house. Alright, so let's see. I will try penning down the stuffs that make me, me.

1) I am addicted to the smell of coffee. I have to smell my coffee first before sipping on it.

2) I can't sleep without hugging something. Whether it is a teddy bear, pillow, bolster or even a towel (something I had to hug since I din have anything else during a recent vacation), the point is I need to hug to fall asleep.

3) I am really picky when it comes to food. I hate bread, jam, cheese, etc. The list is really long, trust me.

4) I love the combination of sambar, rasam, tairu and rice that I can eat it every single day of the year and not get bored.

5) I seriously do not care about money and expensive things.

6) I love dogs more than humans. If I saw a homeless man and a homeless puppy together, chances are my heart would go out to the puppy first. Sorry people, humans can speak and animals can't. So, don't blame me.

7) I speak to people easily. Making friends have never been hard for me. But it takes ages, for me to trust someone.

8) I hate gold. As funny as it sounds, I honestly do not understand people that flood themselves with gold from head to toe.

9) I am a big fan of LOVE and ROMANCE.

And lets stop the list there coz well I am still out of mood and still very irritated. Sometimes, I think being born as guys are better than being born as a girl. :(

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