Saturday, March 17, 2012

Infidelity and all that.

I still do not know why I seem to be abandoning my blog nowadays despite having so much in me that I should probably let out. It is not very wise to mix feelings with thoughts or facts, and I have definitely learnt that the hard way. I guess with life, it is really rare that we feel appreciated or loved and so we resolve to doing things that we should not. But then, who comes out with all those rules in the very first place? Yeap, the answer is no one.
I was reading a novel the other day, one that I recently bought during a mega book sales. It takes hours for me to find a good book or anything for that matter because I believe that whatever it is that you are about to buy should speak to you. You should feel this inner need to own that particular book, shoes or piece of clothing. Yes, I know it seems a little insane, but ya, that's me.
Anyway, the author has beautifully carved out the art of deception, infidelity and lies in a way that even I thought it was okay to cheat on your husbands or wives. Yes, if you know me, you know that it is a big no no. I am the advocate of staying faithful in a relationship. I preach about being faithful and yes, somehow this particular story lifted something in me. I think it is called negligence in part of feelings.
I do not know whether it is right to cheat on your significant spouse or not. And I certainly have no rights to pick a side. But I think it is not right to stay in a relationship that hurts. Relationships are happy yes, but it also takes a lot of work. And yes, I do believe that love can't run out. It can only fade away. And it takes a lot to ignite passion back in any relationships.
So, was it right for the main characters of that particular novel to cheat on one another with someone else? No it wasn't. The way I see it. It is okay to fall in love with someone else when you are in a relationship. It happens. And that is prove that you do not value the particular relationship you are in. So, let it go. Let her or him go. Do not cheat on anyone in this world. If you want to pursue someone else, let the one you are with go first. It is simple. Deception and lies hurt only when the truth is out. But is living a life of lie worth it?
So to those that might have been cheated on, it is not worth it. He is not worth your tears and she definitely does not deserve all those waking moments you spend thinking of her. Being dumped is better than living a life of lies.
But then again, you never know who you might fall in love with. You can't pick love, can you?

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