Monday, July 25, 2011

Why do people fall in love?

Why do people fall in love?

Wokay..I suppose I caught you with my blog title up there. Before I start dwelling on why do people fall in love, let me tell you why I decided to write this entry. Well..its way past midnight...and here I am with papers all around me trying to do away with one assignment...(like that's gonna happen any time soon). The point is I can't stand all this information on Behaviorism and I'm sure my brain is pretty sore with the 4 hours phonetic transcription mass booze I had. So, where else do you find comfort rather than your blog right? (Well..apart from food that is). Anyway, back to our topic of the day..o shall i say..midnight, why do people fall in love? Erm...if you ask me, i'll say that people fall in love because there are these fairy godmothers that are dusting golden dust on individuals so that they can have someone to talk to, lean on, be with, and so on. But then again, reality is so far away from fantasy. So, in the normal world, here are the reasons as to why people fall in love...enjoy!

1. Sharing same or similar qualities
People like to be with someone who shares the same thoughts, beliefs and values. So, it is very common for a man and a woman to fall in love if they shared the same things as mentioned.

2. First Impression
First impression is very important if you want to attract someone towards you. Your first impression will always remain in her mind, so make yourself remembered as a friendly, charming and fun person to be with.

3. Sex
Sex contributes an important role in any love relationship. Some people fall in love because they have great sex with their partners.

4. Communication
Human beings tend to feel lonely at times, so they fall in love with someone who is willing to listen to them and console their lonely hearts. To be heard and to be understood are two things that people are dying for, a good listener will have no worries about people loving him or her.

5. Equity
Two people who are equal, whereby they shared the same cultural background, education, intelligence or other characteristics will fall in love with each other.

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Either way, love is a relative concept. if you can't state why you love that particular person out of all the Adam's and Eve's in the world, then it is safe to say that you have found the love of your life. After all, you don't choose love, it chooses you!

Ps: Has it happened to me?? Erm...lets skip that question, shall we? :)


  1. Are you in love raeva???? Your prince charming will not be waiting for you for a long time! Get hold of him! Tell him how you feel. Don't be like rosie and alex! 50 years and only then they realized their love for each other and confested! do it now! :)

  2. I noe!! but how to! haiz...rosie and alex's story was amazing la!