Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a game after all!

I shouldn't be here. I should be sleeping. Catching up on my lack of sleep last night. But, it's funny how i work. I go to bed extremely late, by late i mean, like 3.00 a.m late, i rise to the morning sun extremely early, around 6 for a class that starts at 8, I don't sleep in the afternoons and I just don't feel sleepy. And when the weekend comes, I sleep like a dead-man. Nothing wakes me up except when my duty as a mum to both my poodle and shih-tzu calls. Well, that's just the way i am so there's no need for an analysis right?
Anyway, as I was saying, I should not be awake. I have had a tiring day and my bed is trying its best to seduce me but i'm not seduced. So, i decided to write. Tap a little on this soon-to-retire-but-im-hoping-wont lappy. Issue to ponder for today..erm..lets about characters of people? Oh ya, that's a never-ending topic.
So, what's it about people? Well, people are just so different from one another. Here's where the word "personality" comes about. Have you met anyone with the exact same personality as you? The way they think, their interests, their values, beliefs, and so on. Have you? I have certainly not. And i don't intend to. I don't want to meet someone with the exact same personality as me as I would like to feel special. I like the feeling of knowing there is no one else out there like me. I'm unique and I like it!
Anyway, no matter how unique i find myself believing i am, i occasionally cross paths with people that are just so much different from me and I can't help but criticise them. I mean, I know it's wrong to judge. But, there's this part of me that wonders how is it that there are people out there that don't pray, or wear too little clothes on their body, or do not respect others and so on. I know it's not on me to say anything but i can't help but wonder. I mean, i am no one without my religion. And how come there are people called "atheists" out there. Do they not feel the power of GOD that i do? How about those that wear clothes that are too revealing? I know I sound like a grandma. It's the 21st century after all. But still, no parents out there would want to see their daughters putting their body for the public to "admire". And don't get me started on teen pregnancy and pre-marital sex.
All these people with different personalities and characters. I can't help but wonder. What is it that makes a person to do all that they do? Is it the values that they are taught? I think it's all about choices. We do what we want. Every single thing that we do in our daily lives is due to the choices that we make, the turns that we choose to take. It's all in our hands.
Life is all about making choices. Choices that we made in the past has brought us to where we are standing today. And decisions that we make will shape our future. So, it's a game after all right? This life of ours. Its really a game!

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