Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When a fairytale is not so much of a fairytale..:(

How do you feel when you see the love of your life walk away not knowing how much you love him and how much it kills you to hold it all in? Worst still, how do you feel knowing that one day he will eventually go away forever to live his life while you still struggle with his thoughts?
When you are in love, you are stupid. You do things that otherwise you would not be caught dead doing. What people in love do:
.You smile for no reasons
.stay up till the wee hours of morning listening to melodious songs
.cry when lovers break up in movies
.blush at the mere mention of his name
.dress up extra pretty when he is around
.stalk his fb on an hourly basis
.spend every waking moment thinking of what life might be with him around
.get jealous of those lovey-dovey couple walking around
. and finally flood your brain with his thoughts

This love hurts, but in a good way!

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