Monday, April 26, 2010

What a day!

Alright i know that it is only 1.47 p.m and I have already started complaining..yes, it has been a rough morning(too much of Macbeth i guess :))..anyway, i am currently at my beloved queen's room a.k.a bul bul..she is fast asleep while im busy typing away...well not so busy...i decided to not return to my room(block 5) coz i know i'll be too lazy to turn up for the ELS meeting later on at 2.30 p.m..hence, i dropped by at block 3..

Anyway, let me tell you what happened today morning...just as i was getting ready, all hyped and psyched for class...a tragedy spectacles broke! one of the lenses fell out! so, i have been walking around IPBA today without glasses n yes it has been a blurry sight...reminds me of Posh's dialogue for our choral speaking..."I cant see clearly..everything is blurring!"...that's how it is for me! Nevertheless, my new mantra is..EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! Hence, i am sure that there is a goodness behind this disaster...lets just wait and see what happens..

Macbeth is all i think about..I seriously, honestly one to make this work..i am the director of the play and I am happy to lead..takes my mind of certain things that has happened recently..anyway, i have a bunch of wonderful people working with, no worries! I really want ACT 2 to turn out so well that we will receive the highest from of praises from everyone(i know it sounds like a dream..but hey..dreams do come true at times!)

Well, whatever it matter how bad of a situation i get entangled in, i know that there is always someone else out there in a much worse situation than the one that i am in....hence, life is cruel..but i am going to show how smart i am to the life that treated me foolishly!

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