Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another day!

I am pretty much busy and I absolutely love my life to be as such. I work better under pressure and in fact I enjoy being busy. Although I have nervous breakdowns(like what happened today), I know I will make it somehow. You may call it confidence, but I can assure you it is beyond that. I believe in myself and I am never going to let myself down because I love myself too much to watch myself fail.
As of today, we had the first full rehearsal for our Macbeth play. Yes, I had an extreme case of nervous breakdown right before our turn and all throughout Act 2, but my boys and girls made me proud.
I love all of them, all my boys and girls from FP2.5 and FP2.6. They rocked the stage! I know there is still room for improvement but I am extremely happy. My target for today was to just make it somehow. However, we received praises! So, we did more than we thought we could! I love every one of them(going a little overboard here). Right from my backstage crews to my actors, they did their best! Yes, we are going to do more! I hope to blow of the audience next!
Literally jumping with excitement,
ur darling princess!

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