Friday, April 23, 2010

-holding on-

Today started and ended just as how my horoscope predicted it to be. I had my Learning Support class today in which i manage to escape from giving a speech(grinning), but there is still next week. Hence, i am going to be more prepared for my prepared speech(as if!).
However i wasn't too lucky for Language Development and I had to present without much practice. How do I feel?? Well, i don't know. I so did not expect them to squirm with discomfort. Since, when sex became such a taboo issue in college? There were people who presented on pre-marital sex and they did not receive the faces i got and my topic wasn't even sexually assaultive to listeners! It was just cervical cancer. Yes, cervical cancer has a lot to do with sex and probably thats why they did not like listening to such a fact! Well, I really liked that the boys actually paid attention! And one of the lecturers told me that i should have been in the medical faculty. My reaction? A smile. I know that I would have killed my patients with my love! Yes, i am very much a sensitive human being!
Our practice for the Macbeth play is going on quite well and I really do appreciate all my actors, technicians,prompters,exhibition team, costume department and my lovely props people. Everyone is working hard and we hope to make it.
Well, no matter how stupid life gets, I'm going to show it how smart I am. I am a princess at heart and that's the way things are!

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