Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When an old flame is rekindled.

Its quite funny to think about all that has happened in the last 24 hours. I still can't make sense of what happened yesterday and I still do not understand what God's plan is for me. I know that its wrong to surrender love to anyone but yourself. However, if you feel defeated as I did, there is only one place and one person in the whole wide world you can go to. And thats HIM. I believe that He will guide us when in darkness. Hence, when one part of my life started to elude me, I turned to HIM. And I whole heartedly believed that HE wanted me to move on. I did all that I can to finally forget and move on.
But yesterday's unplanned for encounter shifted my heart once more. The sparks. Ahh..too beautiful to even capture down in words. I know it may be nothing but I honestly lived in that few seconds. I liked the feel of feeling special. However, I hated to not be able to make sense of all that is happening. Is it my lost or yours? I can't figure out and it's killing me. I'm not scared for the future but I'm terrified of the present.
I once again ask HIM to guide me because I'm lost in this department. Its as though I'm in a huge tunnel and I can't find my way out. Friends are there to tell me what I want to hear not what i need to hear. All I want is for you to take me to where you think I belong. The pain and all...That's the later part of the equation. I want to be happy. To be able to say what I always wanted to say.

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