Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Upset and hurt.

Sometimes we treat people according to our mood. Have you brushed your anger off to an innocent soul just because you were too tensed? Have you cried in front of a stranger because you could not keep it in any longer? Have you smiled and acted hyper around your friends for no reason rather than the fact that someone made your day? I’ve done all those. Looking back at it now I know that humans find it so hard to keep any feelings be it joy, sadness, nor anger in them. Somehow we have to release it right? But let me tell you something, no one deserves the anger you throw at them nor the lack of attention you show. I’m a person too. I hope you can see that beyond the way I look coz I know I don’t look like J.Lo. But, I look like a human, don’t I? I have feelings too. I may be timid and quiet but that’s the way I am. I scream for nonsense stuffs, I get hyper and speak loudly at times, I cry for no reasons, I smile at strangers-only the ones that look friendly, I take rash decisions which I eventually will regret, I am scared of practically everything in the world, I depend too much on people, and I breathe everyday as any other human! So, behind this glasses (or lenses) is a girl with a very good heart. Don’t judge me for the way I look!

Ps: I felt very hurt today but you will never know because you don’t feel what I feel.

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  1. we cant express our anger and make others victim...that is strong girl.....