Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being a mum...:)

So its no secret now that I am a proud mum of 2 wonderful kids ( a 4 year old poodle and a 3 year old shih-tzu cross). They are the reason I breathe in each day with a positive note. When I hit rock bottom, they are always there to push me up( with cute little barks). Anyway, the one thing I really enjoy doing as a mum is going grocery shopping with my own mum. Its really fun comparing prices and picking out fresh food and of course planning their meals for the week( i cannot believe i just said that, makes me sound like im a 30 year old right?) But, honestly, when kids my age are out there having fun, im at home spending quality time with my family and im very proud of it.
So, anyway, being a mum is tough but it's worth every moment and every second of the day. I'm happy and very grateful that i have the both of them. I know they don't judge me and I know they love me with all they have. N i would gladly give my life away for them. I will never hesitate. Now and forever.

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