Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stoned and static.

Words fail to say all that my heart feels. I'm now a first year student in a field I never wanted to be in, but have come to slowly fall in love with. As night engulfs each day, all that i can see is that big 20 that would soon turn the corner. Am i matured enough to handle everything that would soon be thrown my way? I have no idea. I feel so scared and terrified. I feel i have wasted all my teen years trying to be "mature" that when it is finally here, I am lost. I have no direction to where I am heading. People I trusted are now strangers. People I loved are now haters. I try to be all smiley and yet I have this unresolved feeling in me. I am far from being the adult I want to be. Everything has changed and yet again nothing has. Where do you go for answers if you don't know what to ask?

1 comment:

  1. rELLAXXX dear..
    If you ask me! I think yet again you are wasting your life thinking about unnecessary stuff! As you said you wasted all you teen years trying to be matured! So, don't make the same mistake again! Chill.. And enjoy your life.. You will never get the chance to be in this stage of your life again! Don't think too much.. ook! :D :D :D
    Beee happpppyyyyyyyyyy alwwwayyysss! :D :D
    N ya, 4 your last ques! GO to GOD!! HE is always there to answer all your cries! Trust me! HE had always been there 4 me.. :)