Friday, January 7, 2011


I love me more than anyone else would ever do. That isn't wrong I suppose. But, I don't deny the tug in my heart as I bawl over romantic movies or see a happy couple walking around. My soul would eventually find contentment in the arms of another. I believe that whole-heartedly. They say you can't find someone unless you go out there and mingle. But, I say, stay right where you are because if it was meant to be, it will be. There might not be a prince charming riding a horse carriage but there will definitely be a special someone doing crazy things for me. I am still that 10 year old i was. I believe in fairy tales, and happily ever-afters.
Romance makes every woman beautiful and every man a prince. I can imagine it now, the scent of red roses in my hands, the music only familiar to my ears as he sits across the table, like in the movies...the way my heart would beat..the way it is beating now as i sit here typing this out, and the candlelights, and the long walks, and the talks. I could see it all now. And i sure hope i see it as the years pass by and as i finally bump into my, "the one". The wait is long but i know i will make it. Who knows, he might be reading this right now. Who knows.....

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