Monday, January 3, 2011

Here comes........2011!!!!

I know I have been putting off writing for a while. I needed some space to grow up and i hope i have. I don't want to whine or complain any longer. Well, what can i say...when you are about to turn 20, u have to act 20. Life has been good. I had my share of confusion, frustration, tears, laughter, lots of family time,...etc during the last hols. And as such, i have welcomed in the year 2011 with open arms. Here are my new year resolutions:
1) Eat healthy
2) Act and think maturely
3) Stand up to what i believe in even if it means standing alone
4) Deal with my temper, panic attacks (breathe..just breathe Raevarthy)
5) Read more
6) Reduce the time i spend being online

How about you, my dear readers? What are your resolutions? Well, whatever it is, just remember that nothing is unachievable or too-high. If you dare to dream, wake up and chase after your dreams! All the very best!

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