Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in our heart.

At times I wonder why life is so unpredictable. The things that I used to want seem a little less than meaningful now to me. Right, and you are wondering why am I crapping on a lovely evening, I get it. I had an interesting mid term holiday. I didn't visit any historical place or any relatives. I did not go on a shopping spree and nope I did not have mini reunions. I did not spend my hours immersed in books nor did I really dwell into cooking. What I did was really to put it frankly, waste time. I wasted a lot of time which back then seemed like was a big sin. But looking back now, after the whole cleaning spree I had yesterday I think what I really did for this holidays is find myself. I hope I don't get lost again though, figuratively speaking. Anyway, I feel the need to pen this down today because I think I have finally found something that I have missed. I think that among those boxes that I opened, diaries dating back to when I was just a child written in my big handwriting and the letters of motivation to myself, cards received for birthdays, autograph books and so many more, I think I might have just found the reason I am put on this Earth. I know it, it sounds cliche, people say it all the time. But honestly, it's a feeling like no other. Makes you want to smile all the time, do random things and most importantly not be afraid of being who you are today. Who would have known that when you shoot an arrow of childhood memories to the heart, everything around you changes. Of course the change here is in how I am seeing things but it does make sense. 
I don't know why, I feel different. A better version of myself perhaps and maybe for once in my life, this would last. 

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