Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have you ever had the desire to know the unknown?

Life is not for losers. It is for the brave. For those that can put up with the differing personalities of those around them and for those that can subtly change masks from one scene to the other in this world stage we call life. Ironically, all these happen without us realising. We don't know the true meaning of life and of course death. A friend of mine asked me the other day, why are you so obsessed with death. To which I answered, it is the world of the unknown and isn't it in every one of us to desire and want something that is forbidden and out of the norm? When we were young, we always wanted deserts for dinner and that never really happened did it? I remember throwing tantrums and mum never budging. She was firm. I got what I should, nothing out of the norm.And now at the age of 21, the other world, with its possibilities invites me. It digs deep down to my curiosity, leaving no room for sanity. Losing the people I have lost, sets this spark in me to want to explore that which is unknown. Where have they went to? And that comfort that I feel at my most darkest hours, is it from this source of love? How can one even answer that? So, here I am. Asking myself questions that no one seem to have the answer to. Religion says one thing and science says the other. So, which way shall I lean into? It is indeed a tough choice to make. The identity crisis that I am having with the religious me and the science me is one that I am afraid will swallow the real me. And then what am I left with? Nothing but desire. Desire to know the unknown.

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