Sunday, July 8, 2012

" I am me and you are you" The friendship bridge.

For a friend we tear and for a friend we laugh. We hold the hands of our friends in times of need and we shoulder them when they need us the most. A million thoughts in my mind and it has been there for a very long time indeed. I never found the courage to pen down this entry and I allow you to call me a chicken for that. I was never the kinda person who was afraid of saying what she feels, though I am sometimes clouded by my own judgements. But as you read on, you will find that I have a portion dedicated to two people whose names I have simply written as "Anonymous person one" and "Anonymous person two". It is not out of fear that I have done that. I just figured that it is simpler this way. Writing this today makes me realise how much I have been through and how much more I am looking forward to in this magical journey of friendship. Most importantly, I realise that these thoughts are one that should be put up for no one is perfect and I humbly bow down to that concept. Some people say that love is a war and the process is one that can be likened to having thorns in your shoes. With every step, every chapter, you bleed a little more. But, even if you bleed in love, the wounds are not one that remains forever for love itself is one that renews itself when you least expect it to. But, friends are not our lovers. We can love a friend but to what extent? I am me and you are you. And in between of us, we are bounded by a bridge called friendship. How much can we love a friend? That is an answer that I don't have. I know that love comes easily for me but being that open hearted has caused scars that are not healing. So, with experience comes maturity. I am proud of who I am today. That seems to be more than enough to tell you that those that I have tied in my heart will remain there for a long time indeed and those that I have pushed away will always eat at my conscience but I know it is for the best. To you, my anonymous person number one, there is regret in decisions I have taken, I can tell you that. But, being lied to is not one that I can tolerate in a million years. So, I tell myself each day that I gave you so much but you threw it away. I will let time heal that wound and time change you to be the better person that I know you are. Not for me or for anyone, but for yourself. And to you, my anonymous person number two, the one at the other end of the line, you are special. It has been crazy hasn't it? We started of so much further down the road and we worked backwards. It did not go smoothly and I took the first step to walk off. Do I regret it? That my friend is an answer that no one will ever know. We are okay this way aren't we? The way it was supposed to be right from the beginning. Like I said readers, we love a friend to an extent even we are not sure of. We don't know where the mark lies as to what is acceptable and what is not. All that we can do is to smile and let the one above us work his magic. So, today, I am still saying this. I am me and you are you. And in between us, if we are lucky enough is a bridge called friendship.

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