Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When a traveler returns home, he/she finds life.

I was reading a book recently which spoke greatly about meditation, what it does to the body and mind, how liberating it is to feel, quoting, "free". We all have heard that. Some of us, even lucky enough to have experienced this life changing moment of uniting with a force that resides deep in us. It isn't so much of that whole event of finding something bigger than us or about knowing "peace" with ones self that fascinates me. It is undoubtedly the feeling of going back to everyday life once that happens. What happens after finding peace, solidarity and quietness? What happens after a traveler returns home from his journey of finding himself? What happens then? Life happens.
I found my peace recently. How and why it happened is irrelevant to this. But, I am interested to talk about what happened after I did. Life has a funny way of showing us things, of proving to us how awesome it really is if we could look past all the trials and tribulations that come with it. 
Today is an important day to me. I do not go out much, do not see my friends enough, do not bother keeping in touch that much. Not that I do not like to. But there is a part of me, the bruised, battered soldier part that continues to make appearances when I least expect it to. Perhaps, I fear that part being conjured up that I choose to live in silence. Today, I laughed a lot, smiled more than that and above all, I reminded myself how it feels to feel...carefree. Perhaps it is the tiny sense of security and comfort that old friendships bring or maybe it is just me, adjusting to life after the journey of finding something bigger than me. Whatever it is, I treasure it. I wish there was a way for me to document this feeling. Perhaps put it a jar, so that I can release it when I want to. Impossible? I know.
To the One who is watching this happen to me, thank you. Because now, I know I am okay. I am healed. And nothing feels better than knowing you have the entire universe at your fingertips. *crosses arms and smiles*

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