Friday, February 15, 2013

Commitment, Love and Loyalty.

Let me spell it out ya'll. C-O-M-M-I-T-M-E-N-T. Yeap, say hello to the topic of the day. We shall talk about commitment today. And yes, before you ask, there is a reason why we are doing this today.
I was watching 'The Choice' last night with mum and though I totally loved oogling at those gorgeous guys on TV, I couldn't help but reflect at the question Joe Jonas asked his potential dates. 'What have you committed yourself to and why did you make that commitment?" The girls came up with pretty good answers. One talked about how she is committed to looking after her brothers and sisters and one talked about her commitment to GOD to keep her virginity for the one who deserves her. Beautiful and sane answers.
My whole post about commitment would not be on what I have committed myself to. Instead, it is going to be on how tough I think it is to commit to someone. I am pretty good at making commitments to ideas and principles. For example, I am committed to Vegetarianism, to being against alcohol consumption on the basis of entertainment, and I am committed to GOD. Thing is, I can't commit to people. I have trust issues, and yes, I am not afraid to admit it.
It's pretty simple really. How long would someone that you love and trust be there for you? That's just an answer that no one can ever give and hence my rooted problem to commitment. I know that we have to learn how to handle our hearts with care while being able to loosen our grip around it. But honestly, how do people do it because I am just plain lost. For me, commitment is a big word and just merely saying that you are committed to someone does not make it real. I have seen people say 'together, forever' to only lose it within months and some within years.
So yes, how does this whole commitment thing work again? Well, if you ask me, screw commitment. Let's replace that word with love and loyalty. The double 'L's. Love is what that brings two people together and loyalty is what that keeps them that way. You don't need a yellow string on your neck or a ring on your finger or a signature on a book to show that you are committed to one another, although I admit that is what the society needs. In the hearts of each and every human, there should be the double L's. Love and loyalty.
And, if at all a spark of that loyalty is lost, just let go of love coz love will never survive without loyalty.

Signing off with a renewed passion towards love,

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