Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What if you knew who you would spend the rest of your life with?

I wish I know who is it that I would spend the rest of my life with. Yeap, that's pretty much how I am starting this post. I know I have way more serious things to write about but hey I just finished watching a romantic movie and I am in the midst of reading a love novel. So, do you still blame me? Besides, I am Miss Love, and Miss Love will never stop writing about love even if she does mature, well, slightly at least.
So, what is it about love today? Well, here's to wishing I knew who deserves my love, care, affection, and romance. The whole idea of waiting for a prince to sweep me off my feet still applies, I just wish I knew who that idiot is. Alright alright. I won't call him an idiot. It's just that I am tired. I am tired of not knowing. Don't get me wrong. I am not tired of being single, I have been single my whole life. I am just fed up of all these random conversations, little butterflies that flutter in my tummy for like what, a week then somehow disappear or just about all these people that never stay. You see, it is a fairly good idea of actually knowing who you would say "I love you" to each day, who you would wake up next to, who you would argue with for no reason and mainly, who you would take every step with as you enter the multiple phases of life. Trust me, this tiny piece of information is extremely valuable. There is no need to put your heart out there in the hands of someone that would eventually leave or there is just no need to spend hours thinking about someone who probably does not even know you exist. So ya.
Bla bla bla. Life is supposed to be a mystery and all that. Yeap, I get it.
It's just that, don't you have those moments in which you lie at bed at night, looking up at the ceiling and suddenly you feel a rush of emotion? You know, a sudden overwhelming tug right there in the softest corner of your heart reminding you how much worth it you are as a person and how sad is it that there is no one that you can pour out these love, romance, and affection to? Or how about those times that you are driving and suddenly a melodious love song is aired and you feel each word, each lyric and your mind looks for some image in your head to match those lyrics to and it finds none? Ever felt that? Or is it just me who gets flashes of a life that I have no experience of?
So ya, dear Cupid, it's okay if you have not aimed the arrow at the right person for me yet, just please do drop me his name and if that is not possible, then his initials. Thats it. That's all I am asking for.


  1. Wonderfully written-innocent and honest thoughts.
    Such things, I have always believed should happen as spontaneously as possible. It will be..much more amazing! I mean, the deal of NOT knowing who the person is that you might wake up beside for the rest of your life, the one person who will make your go world round with the slightest touch- all will be more meaningful and appreciated when he appears. Which i hope one day it will. The thrill and excitement when you realize that he is the One, will simply blow you away and that will be extra special.
    You know when you play that "insert-50cent-coin-twist-button-and-out-comes-an-egg-like-shape-containing-something", the feeling you get when you open it and you see whats in it-the exact same feeling you shall feel when you discover who the right one is. The feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of realizing something that has always and forever been yours. The feeling of assurance that he's yours and yet the fear of losing him. The feeling of..true love. So i think, or maybe that is me, expecting too much fairy tale love out of this harsh real-life. LOL!
    I read this somewhere long ago, and lived by it for many years " Tell yourself to wait, coz even Cinderella didn't get her Prince Charming till The End." :) xx

    1. Well, thank you Mr/Miss Anonymous. Gotta say, we share almost the exact view point on love. Harsh real-life? Well, no one said its wrong to want a fairy tale. I want a fairy tale love too and I believe I will get it. You stay positive too. You will have your fairy tale love soon. :)
      Thank you for reading and for the comment!