Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reasoning my doubts.

So there I was. Sitting and cursing the fact that I have no class tomorrow and yet I am stuck here in my hostel room, with a million worrying thoughts and nothing much I could do when I saw my diary resting among a pile of papers, clips, bottles, and other materials that make up my life here. It was shining to me, gesturing for me to pick it up. I don't know whether I should say that it is a miracle that it happened so but I did pick it up, browsed through pages of my life story and landed on one that immediately made my eyes go wider. I stared, my heart beating faster and finally when I turned the page, a tear made its way down my cheeks. There in big bold words I wrote, "I am a bird, living in a caged world, I can fly free if I push the doors open".
Fear of the unknown. How many of us have had this fear in us that has somehow been the reason for us holding back and not doing something that we yearned so much to do? Familiar no? I am this person. I dream big. I have constant flashes of what life would be like if I just had the guts to do something that my heart and soul yearns to. But the thing is, no matter how strong the calling has been, I always second doubt myself. I fear that I am not good enough. I fear rejection. 
And that is one that I tell myself each and every day that I need out of my system. At a time in which I needed some push and shove, this diary entry came as an angel. It is so funny how something I scribbled down somewhere somehow at one point of my life, is something I am holding on to today.
So, everything does happen for a reason...Right? 

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