Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homesick + stressed = Depression

Stressed and stressed! It's that idiotic phase of assignments again! Gosh, I hate it! I honestly do. I have no time to do anything and I am sitting here wishing I could do everything else but assignments. I wish I was at home. I miss my folks so much. I miss my kids so much! I miss the way Ruby wakes me up in the mornings and I miss Dino's tantrums. I miss being a mum! I miss fussing over them! I miss shopping for groceries with my mum. I miss the late nights talk I had with my sis. I miss running errands for my dad. I just miss everything and it has been only 4 days since I'm back in IPBA and obviously I'm going back tomorrow but it's just not the same. I want to be at home every single day. I'm feeling so stressed up with my hectic schedule and I honestly need the cure of love from home. Sigh...If only....

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  1. dearie....dun be cool...assignments r part n parcel of campus life....there is no escape dear