Tuesday, January 12, 2010

-A roller-coaster life-

I think all of us tend to feel that life often lets us down. I mean obviously there isn't going to be a all around happy person. but, getting to my point, life somehow still moves on.We still wake up the next day to continue with life.Probably GOD's greatest blessing for all of us is the strength to move on.Every one of us have the strength, its just that many of us fail to embrace it when life gets just a tad bit complicated.
One of my lecturers said something today that struck so deep in my heart. Somehow little words as those keep you strong. Quoting from her, she said, "so what if nobody likes you? The problem is with them, not you!" Although she meant that after saying that we had a choice of going solo or working in pairs, it held so much power. The words went beyond all that I have been going through in this few months at IPBA.
But, everyone has problems. It is just the way you deal with it. I'll go out, probably till the end of my life to stand true to all the decisions i take. I'm a firm believer when it comes to standing up for yourself. I will never forget nor forgive. I know its wrong to hold a grudge. But, when someone hurts you so bad, and you allowed that person to hurt you, its time to hold a grudge.
Just remember, tommorow still comes no matter how tough today is.
Feeling all positive,
Princess Raevarthy

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