Thursday, January 7, 2010

Me n me!

It's been like what??..20 days since i last wrote? more or less i supposse....well, first thing is first, i always believed that there is always a limit to what you share on9..well, here i am crossing that limit..
Anyway, my sis is back!! i noe(YEAH) but then its so unfair that i have to be back at my college n of course staying at this ever dreadful hostel! (it isn't so dreadful this year)..but my point is, i miss her n i should have had more time with her..she landed on the 1st n i returned to ipba on the 3rd....if that isn't unfair, then please define the word unfairness for me.
You know what, i have this sudden craze for shoes! well, fine..u noe me better..i've always loved shoes...i mean there is nothing more sexier than confidence in a girl n to top off that attitude, a pair of shoes! so, despite my never ending shoe collection that i dun really put on for college because of the stupid staircase's all around ipba (my delicate foot!), im going on a shoe shopping spree this weekend with my cousin sis( bail out last minute, n i'll so kill u anita!)! I'm so looking forward for this weekend...back at home with my beloved babbies. Ruby n Dino, I miss u guys so much!
I have a feeling this sem is going to be a better one than last sem was(dun wanna talk about it!). Anyway, in the midst of my busy life(trying to sound proffesional here), i'll find time to let the world noe what my life is like...n if u dun wanna noe, honestly, y did u even open up my blog in the first place? But, as for the rest, with much love, Princess Raevarthy signs off.

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